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All service prices include 18% gratuity.
The Nest
1 Skytop Lodge Road
Skytop, PA 18357

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A light to medium pressure relaxation massage- great for first timers. 

55 minutes – $110.00

85 minutes – $150.00

Swedish Massage

A firm pressure massage that relieves specific problem areas.

55 minutes – $128.00 

85 minutes – $167.00

Deep Tissue

Two therapists perform Swedish massages for you and a loved one or friend in the same room. Upgrades available.

55 minutes- $250.00

85 minutes – $333.00

Couples Massage

A safe and relaxing massage for the mother-to-be. Releases aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

A doctors note is required if you are under 12 weeks or over 36 weeks.

55 minutes – $128.00

85 minutes – $167.00

Pre Natal

Couple’s Option- 2 therapists perform simultaneous Swedish Warm Stone massages in our spa room for two.

55 minutes – $309

85 minutes – $392

55 minutes – $138.00

85 minutes – $179.00

Warm Stone

A combination of hot and cold stones are used to promote healing and fluid movement throughout the body.

85 minutes – $179.00

Geothermal Therapy

Cold stones are used to massage the body. This helps reduce congestion and inflammation.

55 minutes – $138.00

85 minutes – $179.00


Our natural salt stones are rich in naturally occurring elements and detoxify while gently exfoliating the skin.

55 minutes – $179.00

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Bamboo sticks  are used to massage the body, getting deeper into the muscles.

55 minutes- $116.50

85 minutes – $167.00

Bamboo Massage

Precise pressure is applied to areas of the feet that correspond to specific organs, resulting in an overall feeling of well-being.

45 minutes- $110.00


A hands-off form of energy healing promoting balance in the energy centers in the body.

55 minutes – $120.00

Reiki Healing

The energy of crystals along with Reiki healing encourage overall balance. Complete with a take-home set of crystals.

55 minutes – $150.00

Crystal Healing

The benefits of bamboo massage mixed with the rhythmic motion of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

55 minutes- $120.00

85 minutes – $162.00

Bamboo Lomi Lomi

-East Meets West-

Add Ons

Honey Glaze Foot Treatment​
Start with a scented foot scrub, then a honey-based moisturizing serum instantly soaks into the skin, making your feet look instantly pedicured!
Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment​
A scalp massage using coconut oil.

Body Treatments