Swedish Massage

50 minutes – $125.00

80 minutes – $175.00

Therapeutic and relaxing, light pressure

Signature Swedish Massage

50 minutes – $145.00

80 minutes – $195.00

A moisturizing body butter is used to enhance our classic Swedish massage.

Light Pressure

Deep Tissue

50 minutes – $140.00

80 minutes – $185.00

Medium to deeper pressure to ease muscle soreness and tension.

Couples Massage

50 minutes- $285.00

80 minutes – $380.00

Share the ultimate relaxation with a close friend, family member or significant otherwhile two therapists perform simultaneous Swedish massages in our couples room.

Warm Stone

50 minutes – $155.00

80 minutes – $200.00

Uses the healing energies of stones.  Your body absorbs the warmth of smooth, heated stones used in conjunction with Swedish massage techniques to relax and ease muscle tightness.

Geothermal Therapy

80 minutes – $200.00

Our stone therapy consists of hot and cold stones to help regulate the chakras, which in effect creates a dramatic movement of fluids within the body generating a healing, cleansing and nourishing outcome.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

50 minutes – $155.00

80 minutes - $190.00

Our stones are pure Himalayan pink salt, rich in naturally occuring minerals and elements that revitalize the body.  Stones are used along with massage movement to promote a deep relaxation and overall well-being.

Bamboo Massage

50 minutes- $140.00

80 minutes – $185.00

This service incorporates the use of bamboo sticks to enhance relaxation, provide deeper tissue work, promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Bamboo Lomi Lomi

50 minutes- $145.00

80 minutes – $190.00

This service incorporates the use of bamboo sticks and the rhythmic movements of Lomi Lomi to enhance relaxation. 


45 minutes- $125.00

We start with shiatsu pressure on the scalp and sinuses to relax and open up your sinuses to help with breathing. Warm towels on the hands and feet promote calmness.  Precise pressure is used on the hands and feet that correspond to specific organs and structures body resulting in a feeling of overall well-being.  

*Please note that this is not a massage.  This treatment focuses on the scalp, sinuses, hands and feet only.*

-East Meets West-


Honey Glaze Foot Treatment​
Start with a scented foot scrub, then a honey-based moisturizing serum instantly soaks into the skin, making your feet look instantly pedicured!
Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment​
A scalp massage using coconut oil.

Body Treatments